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ccryder85 in twilight_addict

Need Twilight Fan help with a school paper!

Hi guys, I have come to ask for your help with a school paper I am writing. I am in a college nonfiction writing class and need to write a trend story on the popularization and sexualization of vampires in modern media. I figured there was nowhere better to go for help than to the Twilight fans themselves ;). What I need are quotes from real fans, perhaps explaining why the books/movies are so addicting. What is it about vampires that makes them interesting? Is it even about the vampires? Do you think vampires have become less of a "feared monster" and more appealing? Obviously, Edward isn't much like Dracula anymore. Any help or input you guys could give me would be great. I'll confess, I haven't actually read the books or seen the movies, but you guys just might convince me to check them out. Tell me WHY they are so awesome.

Thanks in advance!



I wrote a whole post on it you can find it here : http://nirobi.livejournal.com/587.html :)
have a great day!
Thanks a bunch! That's super helpful :)
Great! Glad you could use it :)
I read the whole series fairly quickly which surprised me because I do not like romance novels or vampire books,(fantasy-esque books in general I don't care for with the exception of Narnia and Harry Potter). I honestly think the books intrigued me because it was more romantical (which I am aware is not a word). To me the main characters are needy, selfish, and dumb; and yet somehow I found myself vicariously absorbed in a fantasy. I cannot relate to the characters, but as I read it, I found myself wanting a boy who would literally sweep me off my feet and be able to give me the world. In reality, of course, I would neither want this or to live forever, but it was fun to read until I hit the fourth book.

As far as being feared, vampires go through phases. It's a fad that comes and goes and is constantly being reinvented therefore maybe now they are feared, but that doesn't mean they weren't before or will again. I think certain vampires may be scary to some people, as with any monster and boogeyman. I personally am terrified of the zombies, not vamps so even dracula was never really scary to me. (probably because Once Bitten with a young Jim Carey was my first vamp exposure with maybe only the count from sesame street).
That's really interesting. Thanks for your input! I have noticed that the vampire craze goes through fazes, such as the late '80s "Lost Boys" and early '90s "Interview with a vampire." I find it fascinating, but then I'm a big geek so, there ya go :)
I think you might be a little screwed on this paper if you have to use any of your own input. i suggested just reading half of the first book twilight which you can get at a library and then I think you would be able to write this paper with no problem. I suggest the book not the movie because the book is special and gives you these intense feelings. But to help you out I will say that Vampires have always been an addiction but until now we never seen the vampire with such passion and love. It makes you believe in love again and the impossible happening. The kind of love that only happens too very few. The love that never dies that never fades and never betrays. To be in love so intense that you would do anything to protect the one you love even give your own life. Bella is a normal girl nothing special not gorgeous but pretty and this incredible passionate vampire see's something different in her something special. Their love is like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. He craves the taste of her blood that he can smell that actually puts him in pain just to be near her and to not drink her blood is a challenge. Bella is intrigued but equally afraid but she would never admit it. He needs to be with him and without him she is just a empty shell going through the emotions. Even when he leaves her they are still together they both can feel the other one. They know when the other one is in trouble. I don't know if that helped and I could go on forever but will stop there. Good Luck..shellie
lol, luckily I am writing this for a news feature so it is supposed to be mostly biased free. What you said is interesting. I sounds like the relationship is what is addicting about this, the whole vampire thing adding to it, but not defining it? Did I read that right? Thank you for your input :)
Nice topic for your paper, I'd love to give you any input I can! The reason the books appealed to me was because of the innocence of Bella and the strength of Edward. I loved that such a normal, "girl next door" could fall in love with the most dangerous creature she could possibly find. Since you haven't read the books, Bella is extremely accident prone and delicate in a sense. I felt there could not be two more opposite people then them. What also appealed me was the fact that if they wanted they could truly be together forever. And if you did find a true love in your life like they did, wouldn't you want to be together forever? I never viewed Edward as a monster, even though he wanted her blood, he knew he loved her. Hope I helped? And go pick up the books ASAP! :)
That's great, thank :D Its interesting that you saw him as a dangerous creature, but never a monster. So the threat of darkness is there, but he is humanized, seen as a compassionate guy? Very cool, thanx :)
Nice topic for your paper!

The whole attraction for Twilight (to me anyway), stems partially from the idea of a love that has been deemed "forbidden"; a human and a vampire, two who should probably not exist in the same place, but are instantly drawn together. I love that Bella is indeed that "girl next door" figure, but she's stubborn enough to go after what she wants, which is Edward. Edward of course is not as willing to risk her life, but he's drawn to her through a certain curiosity which inevitably blooms into attraction and then love.

The books do have a flare for the dramatic at times, but I would recommend reading them if you have the time.
That's really helpful, thanks :) So am I right, it does seem that the books feature a "different kind of vampire." Rather than a ruthless, monster it sounds like Edward is more of the Angel-type, a vampire with a soul <---geeky Buffy reference *facepalm* It seems to me that in the old style vampire movies such as Dracula, the vampire might be attracted to a human but it was more of an obsession than love. Does that sound right to you? Thank you for your input :)
oK so number one that is an awesome paper so congrats on the topic. and two i can say my addiction to twiligh is the combination of the supernatural aspect and love mixed together. It seems so often now days marriages fail and love is more damaging then helpful, this may be cinical but it has been my experience. however, when you read twilight althogh Edward is not perfect there is something mysterious and dangerous about the vampire in him, and it's almost as though because he is NOT human he has the ability to have undying love for someone else? Maybe it gives that sense of hope that that kind of love exhists? Hope that helped some!
It's a story of forbidden dangerous, young love. Its really just this decade's Romeo and Juliet-esque story. Last decade was Titanic.

It seems to have given younger girls that like Twilight a kind of standard for the kinds of guys they will want to date. As corny as it sounds, girls are taken with the idea of Edward and Jacob, both of whom are portrayed in the books and movies as attractive, caring, passionate, and dangerous. It's the perfect concoction for young heart-throb characers. Of course it can seem a tough package to come by in real life, the twilight generation girls will not settle for some tool at their highschool, because they will be constantly comparing them to Edward or Jacob.

It is so addicting because every person can put themselves in the story as if they were Edward or Bella. Who wouldn't want to live in a normal town and find out that Vampires and Werewolves existed but they happened to be "good guys" that would both do anything to make you happy and love you forever? Of course you would!
<3 KT